Company: Saisei
Founder: Bill Beckett
Headquarters: Silicon Valley, CA, USA
Business: Network Monitoring Solutions

Saisei provides virtualised networking solutions; an industry leader, they drive innovation in network management and visibility. Following US $5M Series A funding from Oxygen Ventures, Saisei is targeting a 2014 market launch. We are providing a wealth of support in product development, marketing and business strategy, with our Director Larry Kestelman joining the Saisei board. Our experience has been instrumental in creating a platform for success, underpinning their patented technology with value through UI / UX consultancy, product development and marketing expertise.


“Our patented flow technologies enable us to provide complete flow awareness, control and visibility to any network function and empower network managers with unprecedented control over applications, users, locations and quality of experience with software they can deploy on their own server platforms. With Oxygen Ventures' help, we can take our product to a new level.”

Bill Beckett,
Saisei Founder and CEO