Through pin-sharp insight, hands-on support and extensive experience we turn great ideas into world-class enterprises.



We're a new breed of venture capital. We turn great ideas into globally-scalable businesses by supporting founders with operational resources. But it all starts with the idea; it has to be considered, game-changing, based on the insight of experts. Digital startups ready to disrupt, scale globally and exploit a market gap will always
get our attention.




The foundation to good business is profound intelligence. Research builds a foundation of market intelligence, enabling the businesses we fund to enter the market ready to capitalise on the bedrock of a great idea. From in-depth product research to incisive competition reconnoissance, the research stage gets to the heart of an industry and outlines the route to product and business success.




At the heart of every digital business is the product. Ensuring that product responds to the needs of users is critical. The prototype phase measures customer sentiment, utility and opportunities by user testing with select potential clients prior to launch. At this stage the experience can be defined and refined; the key to creating products that deliver profitability to your business from launch day onwards.




Minimizing the distance between theory and practice can be the difference between the black and red. The testing phase allows for the assessment and development of a prototype: eradicating bugs, correcting flawed assumptions and testing for quality assurance. The result is a better product, more suitable for utility and designed to provide a solution to a user-specific problem.




Furnished with the insights of testing and beta stage feedback, developers are capable of creating a final product that is built to the high standards expected by contemporary users. Stripping back the redundant and emphasising the definitive as well as refining UX, UI and code, this is the final evolutionary stage before the release of the product: the engine of any digital business' success.




A ready-made marketing team is the force behind rapid uptake. Promotion through traditional and non-linear channels creates excitement and enthusiasm around new products, facilitating market penetration and revenue generation. Launch marketing encourages user adoption through diverse and potent mediums spanning TV, print media, experiential, exhibition and social media as well as targeted launch events.




From users to revenues, regions to applications, this stage is about every element of growth. Whether through multiplication, expansion, amplification or globalisation, the important part is guaranteeing reach to those markets with demand in the shortest time-frame possible. The goal is to remove barriers to profitability and to originate business development strategies that can be standardised and replicated.



Revenue is the purpose of every business. With the backing of an intelligently engineered route to market and a saleable product, the structure is in place to create further revenue through proliferating sales. In other cases there will be an exit strategy in place that allows Founders to sell the business to interested third parties or competitors. Either way, the final chapter is about enjoying success.


If you have a standout idea, we want to hear it. It’s not our first rodeo, we know how precious your IP is, so we’ll treat it with complete confidentiality. And if it's right, we'll help your business become the next big thing.