Words of Wisdom: How to Grow as a Founder

Startup founders are a unique breed: eternal optimists, single-minded and brave beyond belief – but they are also just as flawed as everyone else. Being the best founder you can be is about growing as a leader and a person, which is easier said than done. To assist you we’ve listed six simple steps to being a better founder.

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Australian Government Says ‘Yes’ to ESS

For startups seeking to hire top talent, Australia’s 2009 revision to Employee Share Schemes (ESS) meant sweat equity was no longer an effective alternative to traditional remuneration. On Tuesday 14th October, the Government, as part of their ‘Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda’ announced an about turn that’s great for the country’s most exciting businesses.

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The Startup Dictionary

New to the startup scene? It can be a confusing place for a lot of reasons, but language needn’t be one of them. In this blog we provide definitions for some of the more obscure phrases you may encounter in startup discussions, so instead of just nodding and smiling you can contribute.

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