Oxygen Ventures Joins PayPal’s ‘Startup Blueprint’

Oxygen Ventures is proud to announce its partnership with PayPal and Braintree as part of the Startup Blueprint initiative, a program that provides support to promising startups. As Startup Blueprint launches in eight new markets including Australia, we join a select group of venture capital, incubator and accelerator partners globally.


What is it?

PayPal and Braintree have announced the launch of Startup Blueprint in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan. The program is designed to provide some of the additional resources startups need to ensure stable growth in their early years, and from financial incentives to face-to-face advice, APAC startups are sure to benefit.

It’s always been in our DNA to help develop the startup scene in Australia. We’re deeply committed to providing opportunities like The Big Pitch to help startups showcase their innovations, but we also invest time in providing the day-to-day support startups need to grow. With Startup Blueprint, we get to provide that same game-changing support to more startups than ever.


What do startups get?

Along with other Australian incubators, accelerators and VCs, including Blackbird Ventures, Startmate and ATP Innovations, we join 45 global partners, delivering mentoring, workshops, and tailored support to startups. It’s nothing new for us, these three elements form the basis of our support for the ventures we fund, and each is deeply intertwined with our passion for collaboration.

Financial incentives on offer are also considerable, with startups having substantial transaction fees waived with both PayPal and Braintree. It’s an attractive proposition for startups and just another great example of the private sector stepping up to fill the void of support left in the wake of Australia’s 2014 budget. So, who can apply?


Who’s eligible?

Startups will be eligible to join the program if they are:

  • Privately held;
  • Make less than US $3M per annum; and
  • Deliver mobile or web software or services.


  • Are less than five years old; and
  • Have been nominated by a partner incubator, accelerator or VC


Those interested in finding out more or applying to join the initiative should visit the Startup Blueprint website here.