People’s Choice Award Winner: Black Delta

Zach Griffin accepts the People's Choice Award from Oxygen Ventures' Larry Kestelman.

Zach Griffin accepts the People's Choice Award from Oxygen Ventures' Larry Kestelman.

Game developer Zach Griffin said he was gratified when the audience and viewers at The Big Pitch selected his startup, Black Delta, as the popular winner last night. “It was great to see the audience approve and there was a great turnout last night for what is a new concept really in Australia.”

He thanked Oxygen Ventures for putting on the event: “This reaffirms my belief in the strength of my product.”

Up until now, Griffin, 29, has worked from home on Black Delta, a game development company specialising in designing car and kart games for PC, Mac and console platforms.     

It’s a concept that formed back in 2005 when he was studying for his Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media, and majoring in game development. 

To gain more insight into the gaming industry Griffin has worked at different times for Big Ant Studios and in the wagering industry as a project manager. Griffin has so far used five contractors to program his game’s design. He has set up a website where his car racing games will be available online and is planning to use the major gaming platform Steam to sell them.

Feedback through YouTube, press releases and trailers indicate that 35 per cent of potential sales would come from America, 35 per cent from Europe, 10 per cent Australia and the rest from other parts of the world, he said. Griffin also cites a profile of would-be buyers as the 18 to 34 age group and predominantly male. 

Now he needs to raise $450,000 to fund the commercial development of his games and their planned release in six months. Already he has “offers on the table” from investors.

His expansion plans include setting up an office, taking on staff, and developing the games to sell in retail outlets such as games shops JB Hi-Fi and Big W.  

As the people’s champ at The Big Pitch, Black Delta received $1,000, taxi vouchers from Uber and an exciting trip to Sydney to the offices of Google and the CSIRO. “It will be fantastic to see how a company like Google operates, and their business processes and to have a look behind the scenes,” he said.