The Anatomy of a Finalist

We detail five crucial elements in our finalists that helped to make them the cream of the crop.



We value confidence, it usually comes backed by ability and vision. Bluesky wants to revolutionise online fashion and lifestyle retail, and they’ve got the gall to state their mission. We love the tenacity of its founders and the assured footing they’ve already found in a crowded market. How did they do it? They’ve got the brass to be different.



There’s no replacement for originality. eCal recognised the opportunity to reach a growing number of busy, digitally-connected, and affluent consumers through the medium they engage with most: the calendar. We love the intelligence, seamlessness and sheer square-box-round-peg-ness of their idea. It’s why they’re in the final.



People value usefulness. It’s a simple truth that can be lost on some pie-in-the-sky startups. WeTeachMe is designed to make its customers’ lives easier by taking the hassle out of the part of their job they loathe. When a business responds to pain points it has potential; its value is proportionate to the problem it solves.



You can never underestimate the impact of fun. Entertainment is a big part of our everyday lives, and if a business can add something to that, it has our attention. KartSim is in the serious business of games, and with its original content and expert founder, they could well be onto a winner. We want to see what they’ve got in the tank.



Digital solutions can get overrun with complicated, unnecessary features, but the best are simple, lean and effective. Etaskr is built to benefit businesses, but it does it through an understandable tool. The result is a product that clients get, and that’s something we can get behind. How much more is there to it than that? You’ll see in the final.


Our five finalists will tough it out at Deakin Edge on the 17th June, and one will walk away with up to $5M in funding and operational resources. We can’t wait, and hope you can join us to celebrate Melbourne’s impressive startup scene.