How We Help Saisei

At Oxygen Ventures, we invest in scalable, disruptive digital startups. We think these companies are the most exciting businesses today, going from lean startups to global enterprises rapidly with the right support and resources. This blog is an introduction to our work with one such business.



Saisei is a young company that’s driving a revolution in networking by leading the transition to virtualised network appliances and tools. On the bleeding edge of their industry’s development, Saisei is a great example of the companies we find most appealing – an early-stage startup with a lean team composed of experts in their field.


Genuine innovation

With a patented product built to manage the next generation of enterprise and service provider networks, Saisei has made a potent tool available to a growing list of global partners. Continually developing by adding features and refining capabilities, Saisei’s product is part of a seismic shift towards a new form of network tools.


Where we come in

Oxygen Ventures assists Saisei with its business in a multifaceted capacity. Our comprehensive experience developing all areas of digital business puts us in the perfect position to help with anything from digital product development to print marketing and site design. It’s just one way we’re different from other traditional venture capital firms.

Following a $5M USD Series A Funding Round, mentorship from our Director and eminent entrepreneur Larry Kestelman was provided to the Silicon Valley startup. It’s this close relationship and support that lets us bolster the market-readiness of startups – tied to our process and operational excellence we think its the key to healthy business growth.


Leading Saisei’s change

Our influence is helping Saisei to launch a market-ready product in 2014, accelerating their release schedule for improved profitability and stability. Alongside product development, we are revolutionising communications for the company, launching a vastly improved website and creating sales collateral that benefits from enhanced clarity and saleability.

We see Saisei as global leaders in their field, and our assistance means their potential clients now see them in the same light. This wrap-around service is instrumental in transforming startups from promising concepts into globally influential enterprises – we lay the foundations for success by supporting every element of modern digital business.


Who’s Next?

The BIG Pitch is about expanding our portfolio to include more or Melbourne and Australia’s most promising digital startups. At an event on 28th of May, we’re inviting startups to pitch to our panel of prominent business leaders for up to $5 million of funding. If you think this could be you and your business, you can submit your entry to the competition here.