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We’re taking questions to help you understand Venture Capital and Oxygen Ventures better, if you want to know more just ask away.


At Oxygen Ventures we pride ourselves on providing hands-on support for our clients. We think it’s the best way to develop better businesses. Part of that support is transparent communication about everything we do; how we do it and, most of all, why we do it. 

We’re always happy to discuss our approach, we think it’s only fair. So whether you have general questions about Venture Capital because you want to know what’s best for your startup, or whether you have a question about us and how we can help you grow, just ask.

We’ll do our best to get back to you quickly with a helpful answer that’s as complete and direct as possible. There’s hardly anything off limits; of course we can’t tell you the trade secrets of the companies we fund – but we can tell you about the processes and principles behind them.

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