5 Tips for Crafting Your Perfect Pitch

In this guide we’ll show you how to get the essentials right in your The BIG Pitch submission.


The BIG Pitch is a competition for Australian startups seeking funding. On the 17th June we’ll be holding a live pitch event judged by a panel of experts where the best Aussie startups will vie for up to $5 million in funding. 

As well as funding, successful pitches will receive the hands-on support that sets Oxygen Ventures apart from traditional Australian VCs, plus mentoring from eminent entrepreneur Larry Kestelman.

This guide is designed to help startups to perfect their The BIG Pitch entry. We’re going to jump right in with five helpful tips that might just give you the edge in your The BIG Pitch.


1. Be Honest

The BIG Pitch is part of our venture capital business, which means you’ll be held to the same exacting standards as any business we support. Progress to the final is subject to satisfactory completion of our due diligence process, so to avoid some complicated questions, make sure you are brutally honest in all elements of your pitch and throughout the competition.


2. Be Clear

We don’t need to know the algorithms behind your ingenious concept, but we do need to know what it does. In your pitch, be clear about functionality and utility (the difference is important) as well as some of the stickier details. As with any pitch we receive, all submissions will be treated with the utmost privacy, so you can be sure increased transparency is only ever to your benefit.


3. Show your working

In most cases, the inspiration behind the idea is a great starting point for a convincing pitch. If we can see that your idea is a response to an existing need or pain point, we’re likely to be more intrigued by your business. There’s no need to go into great detail, but make sure you include the essential information and remember… without a problem, there is no solution.


4. Keep it concise

Although we don’t mind a lengthy description, remember that your submission should stay concise. That’s not the same as short – if you really need a while to accurately describe your product, that’s fine. But we find the crux of the pitch relies on us “getting it” almost instinctively. In other words, if you can’t convince us in a few lines, you probably won’t convince us in a thousand.


5. Remember what it’s for

We’re not here to buy your business; we want to know who you are, who your team is, and what you see in the future of YOUR company. Anything that helps us to understand the passion, expertise and ambitions of your team is something you should place great weight on. Don’t position your business like a product, pitch it as a company.

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