Company: Activity Stream
Founder: Oxygen Ventures
Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Business: E-commerce Purchase Alerts Plugin

Activity Stream provides a potent Magento plugin to ecommerce brands, supporting conversion strategies with a simple social proof solution. Backed by our operational and process excellence, as well as comprehensive quality assurance, Activity Stream achieved the rapid market release of a solid digital product. Enhanced by the lean efficiency we bring to all our ventures, this smart website add-on is simple to integrate and manage through its bundled web-based back end. All development is strategically supported by the Oxygen Ventures team.


“As an internal project, we wanted to test our team’s abilities across the board and really probe for any inefficiencies or knowledge gaps in our process. From conception to launch, this project was a great success, and immediately started to generate revenue within hours of launching. More importantly, it enabled us to identify any weakness, and learn from that experience, ultimately benefitting any future investments.”

Ilya Frolov
Oxygen Ventures Investment Director